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RP Merchandise

Postby mcfonz » Tue Aug 22, 2017 1:27 pm

So, it was mentioned before about the possibility of doing more RP merchandise 'runs' than just the annual t-shirt run before Salute.

An obvious choice would be in the run up to Christmas - ideally having all of the stuff shipped out to folk by the begining of December at the latest so people can get pressies for loved ones or for themselves from loved ones if that's how your Christmas is organised!!!

So I'm looking for ideas of things people would like to see.

- T-shirts ( I can order the style I have done before in addition I could add the ladies cut ones as well)
- Mugs

I tend to use these guys: https://www.nspmerch.com/

- Hoodies?

So whatever they do, I could organise. As usual, all proceeds will go towards RP (the site and supporting RP events like Salute).
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