How to rescue those old trees you have! (resized the images)

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How to rescue those old trees you have! (resized the images)

Postby mcfonz » Tue Mar 07, 2017 7:37 pm

Ok, so in a amongst some stuff I got from a charity shop last year (I know, I know I'm getting a reputation for this now!!!) I got some trees. But they had seen better days. Now, it seems to be all the trend to get some wire, some masking tape and wot-not and make your own using foliage etc you can buy. But it just seemed silly to chuck these out.


So I hatched a plan. What you will need:
- Your old haggard trees.
- Water, good ol' H2 and 0.
- 2 times plastic pint cups
- Another pint cup or pot in which you can put the PVA (white glue/wood glue etc) and water, and fit a tree in.
- An old brush.
- Flock of your choice.

So, first off, get your PVA and water and mix it until it is it's a little thicker than water, but still nice and runny enough to splash about. Then get your tree and dip it in, angling the pot and at times using the brush to help you get the PVA into and over the tree as much as possible.

Next, put the flock of your choice into one of the plastic cups, a healthy amount - enough to cover the tree and some is ideal. For mine, I used a mixtue of flock I bought in error for the Salute table and didn't want to waste. Three different colours mixed in with more of the medium colour just to provide a better main colour.

At this point you place your freshly PVA'd tree top down into the plastic cup with the flock. Then, and this bit is quite fun, place the other cup upside down lip to lip onto the top of the other cup, like so;

My advice is to hold it around where the two join, some folk may wish to masking tape (or similar) the two together but it's only really there to prevent mess. You don't need to shake it too hard - just hard enough to get the flock to move up and through the tree for a good coverage. For those prone to mishaps, I suggest old clothing or an apron and a space that you don't mind clearing up in if it goes 'south'. If it all goes swimmingly you should end up with something like this:

Make sure you give it a little shake and tap on the way out of the cup just to knock off any loose excess and find somewhere to put it to dry. You will need to seal it so it's probably a good idea to get a little cheap plant sprayer if you don't already have one, and spray it with some watered down PVA again just to lock all of that flock in place.


I hope that helps to save some trees from a fate most horrible! :beardy:
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Re: How to rescue those old trees you have! (resized the ima

Postby countersunk81 » Tue Mar 07, 2017 8:29 pm

Well that's brilliant :)
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Re: How to rescue those old trees you have! (resized the ima

Postby blackfly » Fri Mar 24, 2017 12:56 am

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thats fantastic Fonz! i imagine you looking like Tom Cruise shaking up tree cocktails :drunk:
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