[Galeforce9] Dr Who: Time of the Daleks

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[Galeforce9] Dr Who: Time of the Daleks

Postby mcfonz » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:42 pm



14 December 2016
First Look at Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks
“All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?”

In Doctor Who: Time of the Daleks, players take on the role of the Doctor, travelling throughout time and space, finding new companions and having adventures to repair the web of time. Players do this by overcoming challenges. The Doctor can overcome most challenges he encounters, but he always needs his Companions to help give him an edge. Players must cooperate to stop the Daleks, while trying to get their TARDIS to Gallifrey first, to prevent Davros from invading the Matrix in the first place.

The Web of Time is used to monitor progress in the game, as the Doctors and Dalek progress towards Gallifrey. If the Daleks get to Gallifrey first, the Doctors Lose the game, If a Doctor gets there first, the Doctors win the game.

Somewhere, sometime, the Cloister Bell echoed throughout the heart of the TARDIS.
The Doctor started to feel a twinge, slowly turning into a searing pain. Daleks. The Doctor could see them in his memories but they were never there, that never happened. Why is Davros in the matrix? Why is he on Gallifrey?
“Doctor!” Clara screamed as she saw the Doctor vanish into thin air and reappear seconds later.
“I don’t want to alarm you Clara, but I may be ending.” The Doctor grasped his hearts and sank to his knees, fading in and out of reality.
“How can you be dying Doctor? We haven’t done anything, we’re still in the TARDIS!”
“Clara, my Clara, of course I’m not dying. I simply stopped existing for a moment. Someone is re-writing my his…” fading again, “…tory, Daleks, I see them, they’re everywhere.” The Doctor fell to the floor.
“Doctor!” Clara yelled. As she ran to his side a hologram of the First Doctor appeared in the TARDIS.
“Ah! There you are my good lad, or should I say there I am? Hmm? Yes? A bit of a pickle we find ourselves in.”
“You’re him.” Clara stood and faced the light blue hologram of the first Doctor. “I remember you.”
“Right you are my child. Glad to see I am still choosing clever travelling companions.” The hologram Doctor walked over to the TARDIS console and started flicking switches. “I am going to project a time stasis field around the TARDIS, this should stabilise our timelines.”
Stabilised in this reality, the Doctor stood up and joined the hologram of his former self. “The Daleks.”
“Yes, the Daleks are re-writing time. I can feel it, we are all feeling it. We must correct this or the damage to time itself will be irreversible.” The hologram Doctor faced the Doctor, a stern look on his face, “We need to do something about it, so stop your lollygagging and get to fixing the Web of Time!’’
And with that the hologram winked out of existence.
“Doctor, is that it? Are you going to be alright now?”
“I am stable now Clara, but no, Clara, I am far from alright.” The Doctor started frantically pushing buttons and twisting dials on the TARDIS. “And if I don’t do something soon, I will never be anything again. You might want to hang on for this bit.” Pulling a lever, the TARDIS lurched forward spinning ever faster though the time Vortex.
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Re: [Galeforce9] Dr Who: Time of the Daleks

Postby soldado » Wed Dec 14, 2016 9:49 pm

well that blows the theories of why warlords minis are fucking odd as they are game pieces out of the water.
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Re: [Galeforce9] Dr Who: Time of the Daleks

Postby Rev Nice » Wed Dec 14, 2016 10:02 pm

Ooooo...well since I'm Who geek and my wife likes board games, there's a reasonable chance that I'll be getting this at some point.

But wait...this is IT. isn't it? This is the reason why Warlord's Who stuff isn't available in the States. Warlord and Galeforce 9 have a shared licence so that each will only be available in their respective countries and...WHAT THE FUCKING WHAT??!!???

Seriously. This is very clearly a fucking board game. Those are figurines to play it. Why is there a shared license? Galeforce 9 have a BOARD game, Warlord have a WAR game and this brings up another point -
Many of us presumed that the fuck awful chess piece poses and names on the bases of Warlord's stuff was because in the shared licence with Galeforce 9, they would actually be used as game pieces. But that clearly isn't the case is it? No. Now, I earlier theorized that the crapness of the product was probably due to the Brand Manger of Who and it sadly looks like I could well be right. That fucking idiot messed up a chance for anything decent. Perhaps he's just upset that his pop career never took off or perhaps it's just the case that he's such a fucking incompetent the most they would entrust him with during the 50th anniversary was a set of stamps.

I'm utterly bewildered by the license sharing over this as they are completely different products. Oh well. I imagine this will cost a pretty penny as most fancy board games do these days. Mixed feelings but if the price is right...
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