Ars Technica games list compared to mine

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Ars Technica games list compared to mine

Postby ADB » Sun Dec 04, 2016 5:14 pm

A few interesting games listed here for the post meal stay awake time: ... ift-guide/

For me though they all look too complex so I've gone for Thin Ice ... o-much-fun as we should be able to stay awake for 30 minutes post meal :drunk:

In true gaming tradition though they have released one rule mod so making the original set out of date and I must buy the new set (joke) and I've been thinking about re-doing the tiles with real snow and replacing the Meeples with real figures :rofl:

The mod if you have not seen it is that the killer whale can be moved into the same space as any cracked tile (with no meeple or polar bear on) - the cracked tile is discarded and the killer whale moves into that space.

Now, where can I get a 28mm Orca from?
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Re: Ars Technica games list compared to mine

Postby blackfly » Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:58 pm

Cool list! I'll have to look more closely at a couple of these . . .

ADB wrote:Now, where can I get a 28mm Orca from? : )

Maybe Eastern Front, if they're still around? I feel like I remember them doing a whole weird undersea range a while back... site seems to be offline / taken over though now, so maybe they're no longer active.
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