Osprey Publishing: Odin's Ravens

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Osprey Publishing: Odin's Ravens

Postby mcfonz » Sat Aug 29, 2015 6:56 pm


Osprey Games is thrilled to announce that it will be publishing a new edition of Odin’s Ravens by Thorsten Gimmler! Despite its enduring popularity, this classic family game, in which players build a board out of cards and race their ravens around the world, has been out of print for many years.

In February 2016, Osprey Games will release a new edition featuring all-new artwork from the celebrated Swedish fantasy artist Johan Egerkrans.

Duncan Molloy, Osprey Games’ Games Developer, enthused:

Odin’s Ravens is one of the most fun, quick-play family games I’ve ever encountered. The chance to create a new edition of this game as part of the Osprey Games line-up was just too good an opportunity to pass up. By combining Thorsten Gimmler’s game design with the artwork of Johan Egerkrans, we are producing something really special – a great game that is also a little work of art.

Author Thorsten Gimmler added:

I am very proud that my game will once again be available, and excited by the opportunity to present a reworked version of the rules that I think old and new fans will enjoy. I love the artwork from Johan Egerkrans. He did a great job! It's awesome!

Despite its popularity, Odin’s Ravens has had a rough few years. Two years ago, an effort was made to Kickstart a new edition of Odin’s Ravens which, while successful, never came to fruition – the game was never produced, and many backers ended up losing their money. While Osprey Games was uninvolved in that Kickstarter, it believes that taking on production of the game comes with certain responsibilities, and feels that a debt is owed to those gamers who supported the game through good and bad.

Philip Smith, Osprey Games’ Games Manager explained the situation:

While we have no connection to the Odin’s Ravens Kickstarter, the simple fact is that a lot of people who supported the game had been stung. Right from the start of our discussions, we knew that we wanted to do the right thing by those backers, and I am very pleased to be able to say that we are going to be offering a free copy of the game to anyone who backed the Kickstarter. Regrettably, we do have to charge shipping, but we’re delighted the backers can finally get the game they deserve.

Osprey will be releasing further details on how backers of the Kickstarter can receive their free copy closer to the release date.

Odin’s Ravens by Thorsten Gimmler will be released in February 2016 and retails for £16.99 / $24.00.

Not heard of it before so no idea how it plays. It's jolly nice that the backers of that KS will be getting a copy after all. Sometimes, outside of Disney Movies, there are happy endings after all!
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Re: Osprey Publishing: Odin's Ravens

Postby countersunk81 » Sun Aug 30, 2015 8:24 pm

The artwork looks lovely, very interested.
Fantastic gesture they are making too I think.
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