Shadowrun 3rd Edition on Bundle of Holding

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Shadowrun 3rd Edition on Bundle of Holding

Postby soldado » Fri Aug 19, 2016 6:55 pm

Now I've not played this but have heard some decent things about it and a lot quote it for inspiration for all things cyberpunk.

Bundle of Holding have 2 bundles for shadowrun up at the moment the essentials and the sprawl. ... Essentials

Anyone played it and is it any good?
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Re: Shadowrun 3rd Edition on Bundle of Holding

Postby Mr Tough Guy » Fri Aug 19, 2016 7:20 pm

we used to play it a lot back in the day, it's probably the RPG I've played the most, it's a great set of rules, and a great setting. The only downside is that powergamers can easily abuse the rules and become godlike characters quite easily, but if you have a decent GM to rain them in that shouldn't be a huge problem.

the first collection is quite good and has most of the essentials rules wise, the second set is mostly background stuff, nice but not essential
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