UK Postage reduced for Osprey and others

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UK Postage reduced for Osprey and others

Postby ADB » Wed Jun 14, 2017 3:24 pm

I'm out of room, out of time and will never use these in anger or have the ability to paint them decently any more so I've eBayed lots of bits - though if you want something and no one else had bid drop me a PM with a good offer of Paypal (no trades) and we will see what we can do

Some real rare and oddities (scheduled to start / end at 19:00):

Skaven bust - GW / Forgeworld
Night Goblin bust - GW / Foregworld
Skaven art work / guides / books including the limited edition (only 300 printed) cloth covered Empire examination into the Loathsome Ratmen book

A few other bits:
HOTT rules
Wings of War / Glory case and 6 planes
Dungeon Saga (kickstarter set)

Odd bits still for sale:

Underworld Oracle fanzines from the age of WD 1
Bog-a-ten rules

Classical games:
LOTR hardbacks
ACW Brother against Brother
WW1 To the Last Man
Saga (original rules / C&C and Northern add ons)
Osprey Rules (Ronin / IHMN / Dux)
Riot rules


Sorry if you see this repeated on Platypus / Frothers / LA but they have to go (hence the £0.99 starting price)

Prefer to deal in the UK (post is a killer) but can change the items to allow other locations if you wish to bid and not offer. I will combine postage if you win multiple items.

Details are available on eBay at
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Re: More things tonight - 19:00 onwards

Postby ADB » Thu Jun 15, 2017 5:15 pm

Updated with tonights bits

I've set them to come on at 19:00 so more can see them after work.
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