Asgard Trolls and Characters

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Asgard Trolls and Characters

Postby CrumbReaper » Sun Jun 11, 2017 8:03 am

Viking Forge USA re-issue of these classic sculpts

BP-09 Skai Wolfbane
BP-13 Thor Danegeld
FM-64 Raptor w/Lizard Rider
FM-101 Dragon Newt
FM-11 Salamander w/Scythe
FM-97 Water Elemental w/Spear and Net
FM-27 Giant Armored Troll w/Axe
FM-28 Troll w/Hammer
FM-29 Troll Archer
FM-30 Troll Attacking w/Sword
FM-66 Giant Troll w/Club
FM-69 Large Troll w/ Ball and Chain

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