OOP Dark Elf & High Elf miniatures hoard

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OOP Dark Elf & High Elf miniatures hoard

Postby connexion » Wed May 31, 2017 11:56 pm

After a few years (i.e., closing on 15...) I have come to the conclusion that I will never build and paint the High Elf army I envisioned (using a mix of HE and DE models!).

So I am considering getting rid of everything (either as a lot or splitting) and am posting to see if there would be interest in any of this material (all models from 2003-2006, unassembled/bare metal and with full command unless otherwise noted):
- 2 Cold One Chariots (one may be missing Cold Ones)
- 20 DE Executioners (front row painted, the rest primed)
- 20 DE Black Guard
- 2 HE Repeater Throwers with DE bolts and DE crews
- 6 DE Dark Riders
- 10 HE Dragon Princes
- 2 x 20 DE spears (assembled, converted banners & musicians)
- 1 HE Great Eagle
- 1 HE Eltharion the Grim + Griffon
- 1 damaged Eldar Warp Spider Champion (that was the "star armour" guy)
- 6 HE scouts (primed, partly painted)
There may be more stuff but, from the top of my head that's pretty much it.

Would any of this material be of interest to anyone? :)
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