eBay Space / Fantasy / Bugman / Fleece etc

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eBay Space / Fantasy / Bugman / Fleece etc

Postby ADB » Sun Sep 03, 2017 3:38 pm

Another cupboard to go  :'(

Absolute mix this time (if last time was not bad enough):

Babylon 5 Micromachines ships
GW Savage Orcs
Limited Edition White Dwarf as a pirate
Bloodbowl dice (Resin)
Corvus rules
Undead Samurai (yup - skeleton samurai)
Grave Stones
Snits Revenge
Bugmans Fleece from GW HO (XL worn twice)

(and the odd knitting pattern etc from the boss)

Sorry if you see this pop up on other forums but we need the space!

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