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Thanks for considering supporting the site! We've been up and running for a few years now, and while our userbase may still be compartively small the commitment and participation is high, which reinforces the reasons Random Platypus was created in the first place.

What do you get for supporting? Well, you get this site. Which you can also have for free if you choose. Random Platypus does not exist to make a profit, it exists to facilitate a community. If you enjoy the content on the site and the folks in the chatroom, you can support its existence with whatever amount you feel is appropriate.

At present, a portion of all donations will be put toward the cost of hosting the site. Whatever else accumulates in the RP Treasury may be used to subsidize the cost of RP shwag, such as T-shirts or custom dice. It may be used to secure table space at a convention like Salute, in order to put on a community game. Or perhaps to comission the sculpting and casting of a platypus of our very own?
Only time will tell, but if you'd like to have a say in it, you can 1) donate and 2) be a part of the Platypus tribe, and get involved.

ALERT!! RP is currently running a fund raising drive from now until April! Right now your donation can earn you some Random Platypus dice as a thank you for your support.

Sign up in the forum, and follow the instructions to get your very own Platypus Randomizers!

NB: While Random Platypus has no intent to make a profit, it is not a tax-exempt nonprofit organization, and donations are not tax deductable under IRS regulations, nor elligible for tax relief via GiftAid, or any other mechanism recognized by HMRC.

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